Testnet guidance

1. Testnet Setting

Arctic Testing Setting

Open the Metamask,then click the “Ethereum Mainnet”.
Choose the “Custom RPC”,and fill in the chart with the following information:
-Network Name: Aurora Testnet
-Chain ID: 1313161555
-Currency Symbol(optional): ETH

Facut to get test ETH:

Arctic testnet website:

2. Token info of Arctic`s testnet

ARC: 0xa341a31CCdD570cAEab465c96D64c880db609021
AURORA(Aurora): 0xcC2DE5D1A8154f7fa0e80a6732a38422D8fBEB10
iZi: 0x876508837C162aCedcc5dd7721015E83cbb4e339
USDC: 0x6AECfe44225A50895e9EC7ca46377B9397D1Bb5b
USDT: 0x6a7436775c0d0B70cfF4c5365404ec37c9d9aF4b
iUSD: 0xb0453a1bAf6056393897e60dfd851C61A825ef67
BUSD: 0x2A2E08ea99E63482BDad8Bf69c7b69752F07736F
WETH: 0x67A1f4A939b477A6b7c5BF94D97E45dE87E608eF
BNB: 0x49C7fd70820B614959ad1F6ce29ac84C9CFb6278

3.How to Swap

Step1: Visit Arctic Testnet: click here
Locate in the top right corner and click the "Connect Wallet" button to connect metamask wallet. Also, switch to “Aurora Testnet” in your wallet's network settings.
Step2: Select tokens to swap. The top token or "from" placeholder depicts the token you own, while the second token or "to” placeholder represents the token you receive after the successful swap.
Step3: Approve then click the “Swap”, and click “Confirm” on Metamask.
Step4: Wait for a bit. If the transaction is successful, a message will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.

4.How to use limit order

Step1: Click “Limit Order” to the right of “Swap” window and select the token you'd like to trade. The token A at the top represents the token you want to sell, while the token B at the bottom you desire to receive.
Step2: Input the sum of token A you wish to swap and choose at what exactly price you want to receive your subsequent token B. Select the correct “Fee Tiers” and click “ADD” and confirm the transaction on MetaMask.
Step3: You can learn more details in “My Orders”

5.How to cancel limit order

Step1: Click “My Orders” and enter to “My Orders” page
Step2:If you want to cancel an order, you could click “Cancel” and you need to confirm on MetaMask.

6.How to claim your limit order

Step1: Click “My Orders” and enter to “My Orders” page
Step2: When your order is partially or fully completed, you can collect rewards on "My Order"
page by clicking "Claim"

7.How to add liquidity

Step1: Select "Trade" => "Liquidity"
Click “Add Liquidity +”
Step2: Select a pair you want to create a pool with, here we take Aurora and ARC as an example. Furthermore, choose the swap fee rate that you are willing to charge.
Step3: Input the sum you are willing to provide and set the price range, which is reasonable in your opinion. You should also be ready to observe and manage your pool as the market progress. Additionally, approve your tokens if it's the first time providing liquidity for you.
With your pair, fee tier, and price range selected, and provided funds click “create” button and confirm the transaction on metamask.
Step4: In a moment, you will be able to see a pop-up window "add liquidity successfully"
Step5: Go back to the liquidity page to validate the provided position with the specific range, fee rate, TVL information, and NFT id.
Step6:Click “Collect” to claim swap fee,and click “Add” to add more liquidity to the existed position
Be informed, that you can not change the fee rate or price range of the existed position and require to create a new pool, for that matter.

8.How to remove liquidity

Step1: Go to the liquidity page and click “remove”
Step2: You can choose the percentage liquidity you want to remove here, then click “Remove” and confirm the transaction on Metamask.