About Swap

1.What is the advantage of Arctic swap?
Discretized-Liquidity AMM makes liquidity deployed in every price tick and reduces slippage when swapping tokens. DLAMM cuts these price ranges into small narrow pieces, making these price ranges close to 0. DLAMM further enhances capital efficiency by making liquidity at every price range needed. More details in the link: click here
2.How to use Arctic swap?
Please view our official guidelines: click here
3.How to check transaction details when swapping?
You can view transaction routing, fees, price impact, and other information through the drop-down menu during the swap, If there is an illiquidity warning after the pair you want to trade was chosen, please consider choosing another pair to avoid losses. You can view more swap information by clicking here: click here
4.When will Arctic Swap list more trading pairs?
We have reached cooperation with many projects and will continue to list new assets. Please pay attention to our official announcements.
5.What are the rewards for providing liquidity in Arctic swap?
Added liquidity in Arctic swap could earn swap fees!! We will also provide more incentives from liquidity mining pools in the future.
6.How Arctic swap implements limit order and how is it different from other limit orders?
Arctic swap uses the original DLAMM discrete liquidity AMM model, which allows liquidity to be deployed at each fixed price point. Different from the custodial limit order service, the custodial is actually a price monitoring program that helps users use swap (market price function) to trade when the price is triggered, but the success rate of the transaction and the stability of the transaction price cannot be guaranteed. Learn more about limit order in Arctic swap limit order, click here
7.How do limit order and no slippage work? Do I pay maker fees if I place Limit Orders?
Your limit order will be considered as adding liquidity on one certain price tick so that you could trade with the fixed price rate as limit orders. The Limit Order feature is FREE for users and no fee needs to be paid. Thus that’s even cheaper than the privilege equivalent of Binance VIP 8 (they still charge 0.02%)
8.What are the fee tiers of Arctic swap,How the fee will be distributed?
-Pool Fee tier:
1%-0.2%-0.04%-0.01% (taker pay)
1% suitable for emerging tokens and high-volatility trading pair
0.2% suitable for mainstream pairs
0.04% and 0.01% suitable for stablecoin pairs
-Fee distribution:
50% to LP
40% as voting incentives
10% buyback ARC
9.How to View Arctic swap Data Analysis?
We provide the following data analysis functions. 1. Top Pools-to check the liquidity depth and trading volume of each trading pair. 2. Top Tokens-to check TVL and Volume of the tokens. 3. Transactions-to check the latest Swap and Liquidity information You can check the analytics of Arctic swap by clicking on the "Analytics" tab on the TOP menu.