$veARC is Arctic`s veNFT token for DAO governance and Emission voting. Any $ARC holder can vote-escrow their tokens and receive a $veARC (also known as veNFT) in exchange, which could be transferred and traded as other NFTs.


-Anti-inflation Rebase
voted $veARC rebase to guarantee their token proportion is undiluted and the rest goes to Liquidity Providers.
rebase amount =0.5voted.$veARC (emission/$ARC.totalSupply)
LP emission = total emission - rebase amount
-Emission Gauge Voting
$veARC can vote for different trading pools to determine the amount of $ARC emission for a specific pool
The amount of $ARC emission for a trading pool = (trading pool $veARC voting amounts/Total $veARC voting amounts)* $ARC LP emission amount for that epoch.
-DAO Governance Voting
DAO governance and Quadratic voting will be adopted to determine critical issues for Arctic.
$veARC voting power = (locked number $ARC)∗[(locked time left , maximum 4 yrs)/4yrs]


With $veARC staked, $veARC will be used to boost liquidity providers’ both $ARC emission and Liquidity Mining rewards up to 2.5x.